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  • Electronic warehouse system


    What is a WMS system?

    WMS full Warehouse Management System, electronic Warehouse Management System with Chinese name, is a modern Warehouse Management System applying bar code and automatic identification technology. It can effectively manage Warehouse process and space, and realize batch Management, fast entry and storage and dynamic inventory.


    he functional goals of the WMS system


    Function planning of WMS system


    Input data when packaging finished products in production line
    The data collected during the production of online finished product packaging can, on the one hand, monitor the production line efficiency in real time, and on the other hand, directly record the storage quantity, which can prevent the trouble of direct shipment in the factory


    (PDA) mobile barcode entry device
    The storage management is implemented through PDA mobile terminals and does not need to be operated on a single computer host.Not only can the number of operators be increased, but also the speed of entering and exiting the warehouse is fast. Besides, the data can be correctly recorded without delay or error or missing, and the error control is strict.



    (MAP) the warehouse system automatically guides the tally
    The cargo handling operation is guided by the system, which is not afraid of being unable to find the goods, but can also fully control the first-in, first-out, and the cargo handling process can be recorded all the way, 100% achieving the synchronization of the material account.


    A complete package
    Some finished products must be shipped in complete sets (for example: upper cover, lower cover, battery cover and bracket are 1:1:1:4). At this time, the shipment of complete sets can be guaranteed through tally control.And the occurrence of residual bag, residual control.


    (REPORTING) stock in and out reporting
    Inventory in and out electronic material account card, inventory status table, inventory warehouse detail table, inventory drawdown and overall point difference statistics table, inventory in and out daily report, delivery list, acceptance of warehouse entry, material requisition, purchase and sales report, etc


    WMS system architecture

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