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  • Statistical process control system

    What is the SPC?

    SPC statistical process control system is a set of production software based on data analysis, improvement and prevention.

    Based on the principle of mathematical statistics, it achieves the effect of "pre-prevention" through the collection and analysis of test data, thus effectively controlling the production process and improving quality.

    SPC statistical process control system can help enterprises scientifically distinguish normal fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations in the production process, and timely detect abnormal conditions, so as to take measures earlier to eliminate anomalies, restore the stability of the production process, and achieve the purpose of reducing quality cost and improving product quality.

    SPC statistical process control system emphasizes prevention of the whole process.First of all, it will tell users the fluctuation of the production process and whether the production process should be adjusted.Secondly, it can compare this fluctuation with the preset control rules, and provide accurate direction for quality improvement.Finally, it can assess the quality improvement measures taken by the users so that the quality can be continuously improved.

    Problems frequently encountered by enterprises in quality management

    1. Manually record the measurement results, compare the quality standards, and judge the quality results.

    2. Even enterprises with digital measuring equipment still need to copy the measurement data manually, which is both inefficient and artificial waste;

    3. Whether the product is qualified or not shall be manually communicated, and relevant personnel shall not be notified in real time;

    4. Quality reports and analysis charts need to be processed manually, which is costly and not real-time;

    5. When quality problems occur, the production equipment shall be stopped manually; otherwise, the defective products will continue to occur;

    6. The product data required by the measurement point cannot interact with relevant software system and hardware, and information island;

    7. Measuring instruments and automation equipment exist in isolation and cannot be managed and controlled centrally.

    8. Quality problems in the production process cannot be automatically packaged and the production documents are difficult to trace

    9. The process of docking with other systems is tedious



    SPC system function module

    SPC target benefit

    1. Substantially reduce abnormal fluctuations and product scrap rate in the production process

    2. Improve enterprise productivity scientifically and effectively

    3. Effectively cut production costs

    4. Timely identify potential problems in the process

    Respond quickly to any changes in the process

    6. Make accurate judgment and decision at the manufacturing site at any time


    SPC system architecture

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