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  • SMT anti-error material system


    What is SMT error - proofing system?

    SMT fault-proofing system can effectively prevent the occurrence of miscibility and miscibility in SMT feeding process. Meanwhile, SMT feeding information and production information can be recorded to improve the quality qualification rate of SMT production process products and meet customer demands.Improve quality value and customer satisfaction, and facilitate the company to trace SMT production records.

    Functional goals of the SMT system


    Prevents SMT loading errors from causing damage.

    Logon feeding record, including first loading, refueling, testing, blanking.

    Manage FEEDER usage for enhanced maintenance.

    Automatic import of machine station table to save management manpower.

    Accepts substitutions for materials, which are used on the replacement disc

    Log in and trace the source of the feed



    Functional targets of SMT systems


    1. Verification process of sending materials: to avoid the error of single sending materials and log in the source of materials. 

    2. SMT on duty: read the employee number and work order number and automatically import the latest material station table. 

    3. FEEDER binding disc process: the external binding disc saves feeding time. 

    4. Material process of FEEDER table: there is a platform car with the same SMT material rack outside the line, and the FEEDER is put on the brush code according to the actual position. 

    5. Bonding process of FEEDER and feed station: actually hang FEEDER on the machine platform and verify that it is fully loaded. 

    6. FEEDER feeding process: remove the old FEEDER and remove the old material plate, and replace the new FEEDER after brushing the code

    7. FEEDER unbind: bind the material plate and FEEDER, and fill in the amount of remaining material. 

    8. FEEDER maintenance: empty FEEDER records maintenance data. 

    9. SMT IPQC inspection: inspectors make sampling inspection or complete inspection of all the material stations and confirm that the placed material is correct. 

    10. End of SMT lay-off: read the employee number and work order number to end the work order and release all members.



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