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  • Manufacturing executive system

    What is MES?

    MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the link of enterprise CIMS information integration, and an advanced technology means of implementing enterprise agile Manufacturing strategy and realizing workshop agility.MES manufacturing execution system is the execution layer between the planning layer and the field automation system, which is mainly responsible for workshop production management and scheduling execution.

    ▲ The perfect combination of MES system and automation -- intelligent manufacturing factory

    The MES system can integrate management functions such as production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, equipment failure analysis, and network report on the unified platform. The unified database and network connection can provide workshop management information services for the production department, quality inspection department, technology department and logistics department at the same time.Through the digital manufacturing process to help enterprises implement complete closed loop production, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management.

    MES system framework

    MES system highlights

    MES production process management

    Products from barcode birth or RFID to the entire production process, finished product delivery, full process no gap control;MES can optimize the management of the entire production process from order to product completion through information transmission.When a real-time event occurs in a factory, MES can react to it, report it, and guide and process it with current accurate data。

    MES Process control chart

    MES System details implementation drawings

    MES system - cross-platform cloud architecture to help enterprises realize multi-platform co-working.Monitor production progress, quality status, equipment status and efficiency in the whole process with lean production visual management tool, feedback production problems in real time, and realize automatic push of electronic kanban, email, SMS and WeChat.

    The new "mobile office" mode allows office workers to get rid of the constraints of time and space.The production information can flow freely at any time and any place. The work will be easier and more effective, and the overall operation will be more coordinated.Using mobile information software of mobile phone, get rid of time and place limitation, carry on the company management and communication at any time, help you improve the management efficiency effectively, promote the enterprise benefit growth.

    Benefits of MES manufacturing execution system:

    MES system make the enterprise to realize the information management, optimize the enterprise production management, at the same time brought huge economic benefits to the enterprise, the MES system can effectively shorten the manufacturing cycle, reduce the time of production data acquisition, reduce or eliminate paperwork in production, improve product quality, effectively reduce the defect rate.

    MES manufacturing execution system implementation site

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