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    Founded in 2001, Fastech is a software company specializing in system development and providing systematic solutions for production management. With a professional system development and implementation team, we are committed to improving the production efficiency of our factories and providing professional service solutions for production. ???????? Based on the development requirements of Industry 4.0, Shenzhen Husite Information Technology Co., Ltd. has created a MES intelligent management and control system for small and medium-sized enterprises to help enterprises realize: “smart factory”, “intelligent production” and “smart logistics” to build a digital enterprise factory. Based on the MES system. The company further improved the supporting system of the factory. At present, the company has SFIS production site control system, WMS electronic warehouse, SPC quality control system, APS production scheduling system. ???????? Since the beginning of its establishment, Shenzhen Yongzhuoxin Technology Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in the research and development of production automation. At present, the company system can not only seamlessly interface with enterprise ERP, but also with automatic labeling machine, laser engraving machine, SMT\AOI\SPI. \ICT, automatic inspection machine, automatic transportation, automatic warehouse and other automation equipment seamlessly docked..

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